Civil court

Civil Courts governed within England and Wales include; County Court, Tribunals, High Court of Justice, Royal Court of Justice, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of United Kingdom.

Civil Court jurisdiction covers a broad range of disputes, from small personal claims to disputes between large multi-million pound corporations.  Not all civil cases end up in court, with the majority either being resolved through mutual agreement or via mediation. Those cases that do go to trial can take place in open court (can be attended by the public), closed court or the Judges private chambers.  There are now a considerable amount of  cases dealt with by video and we are fully equipped to attend to this for you.  We can guide and support you all the way.


There are rules, practice directions and orders to be followed in each type of Court which are in place to ensure that a fair and consistent judiciary system is maintained for every case. The rules include how a case should be presented, timescales for different stages of the procedures and what must be met in terms of administration and the way in which documents should be prepared within set timescales.  There are sanctions for not complying with the rules and it is therefore important to get legal advice quickly.  You can also miss an opportunity to bring a case if you miss the deadlines or the limitation period expires.

As experienced Lawyers and Advocates, PW-LA is able to manage your case at every step, from initial lodging of your claim to final negotiations of compensation or appeal. At each step of the way PW-LA ensures that the rules and guidelines are adhered to and that every effort is made to build a winning argument. You will be assigned a single contact for the duration of your case ensuring that a consistent and tailored approach is maintained throughout the whole time. 

our services

Our services are applicable to both individuals and corporations, can be called upon at any stage and include:



  • Legal consultation and advice 

  • Initial case preparation and administration

  • Submission of critical legal documents in accordance with strict court deadlines

  • Court preparation and Advocacy

  • Negotiation of settlement

  • Claims for compensation 

  • Appeals