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Land Disputes

Our areas of land disputes expertise include:

  • Boundary disputes

  • Easements (rights of way, rights to light)

  • Adverse possession claims

  • Dealing with trespassers or squatters

  • Restrictive covenants (restrictions on the use of your property)

  • Neighbour & Nuisance claims

  • Co-ownership disputes

  • Breaches of leasehold covenants & dilapidations

  • Party Wall Act Disputes (for when you are carrying out work on or close to the boundary)

Land Disputes
Building Disputes

Building Disputes

We deal with various building disputes between domestic and commercial clients who experience a construction problem either with the builder or contractor for defective works or overcharging.

We can assist you by valuing the works, and will instruct local chartered quantity surveyors’ for an expert report.  In any building dispute, it is essential to gather your evidence as early as possible in the event that adjudication is necessary (more so in commercial contracts with adjudication clauses). Expert reports carry of lot of weight if the dispute proceeds to the next level.


In a serious dispute an adjudicator or judge will appreciate that you have taken a correct course of action, and a Chartered Quantity Surveyors report may be considered to be invaluable evidence.  We would always visit the property, compile evidence via measurements and photographs and review your paperwork. 

We enter into negotiations to explore settling the dispute. We are familiar with technical references and the various standard regulations and compliance standards.


Your options include: mediation, adjudication, arbitration or suing the builder (litigation).

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