"You succeed in this profession by meticulous attention to detail"

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Our attention to the detail of your case and analysis of the strengths of your evidence is our priority.  

Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd (PW-LA) specialise in Civil & Employment Dispute Resolution. 


We are the balanced approach as a one stop for conducting Litigation on a day to day basis and delivering Advocacy services appearing on your behalf within Courts &  Tribunals, Coroner's Courts and Magistrates' Courts.

We are a fully operating digital law firm conducting our client meetings and the majority of Court & Tribunal cases remotely via video links.   Our offices are fully COVID 19 compliant for client socially distanced consultations and we also appear in person hearings where required to do so.

PW-LA are specialist Lawyer Advocates qualified to practice law by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives ("CILEx"); authorised under the Legal Services Act 2007. We are independent practitioners delivering the best of both worlds - Lawyers and Advocates under one roof conducting litigation cases, and appearing in most courts as advocates.  PW-LA offers greater benefits to our clients than a traditional law firm or barristers' chambers because your case stays with us from day one until end of trial.  We do not refer your file, unless in exceptional cases where your case is complex.  We know your case from start to end and make representation in court on your behalf.

You can contact us on 01904 217184 or +44 7484 709 854 or email us enquiries@pw-la.co.uk



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Civil litigation is the process of dispute resolution between members of a community through the court system.   Civil law grants, to individuals, the right to sue for compensation or for specific action in matters such as breach of contract, defamation and negligence.  


Land and Employment Tribunals are convened to hear legal disputes between one party and another. There are a range of issues which can be settled within a land or employment tribunal; please follow the link below and see how we can support.    



Magistrates and Coroner's Courts have different rules to Civil Courts and Tribunals.  We can provide advice, support and representation to clients as we understand those rules. 

“ Very thorough and straight to the point to achieve the desired outcome” – SA

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