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Litigants in Person

We offer bespoke packages tailored to the needs of litigants in person, including document drafting, procedural advice, and representation at hearings. Our team helps litigants in person understand the legal process, prepare their case effectively, and navigate court procedures with confidence.

In court

There are so many articles and guidance materials from the legal profession about dealing with Litigants in Person ("LiP") in Courts and Tribunals.  Our perspective is helping Litigants in Person.  Yes, we have opposed LiPs and know how you can struggle.


LiPs can be an individual, company or organisation that has chosen, or had no choice than to represent themselves in in the courts of England and Wales where a solicitor or barrister is not instructed for numerous reasons, not all financial, but they can be mainly, financial.

We are able to offer an assisted service to LiPs in many areas, including providing practical tips on facing a legally qualified opponent, to ensure that you are prepared the best you can be, and also that you have been able to put your case the best the you can.  We provide document review and drafting here and can represent LiPs at all hearings here.

When it comes to dealing with third parties, Lawyers must not take unfair advantage and that includes LiPs. Behaviour which might constitute the taking of unfair advantage includes bullying, the making of unjustifiable threats, misleading behaviour, claiming a sum which cannot properly be claimed or demanding something which cannot properly be demanded.  There is no obligation placed upon an opposing Lawyer to assist an LiP to run their case or to take action on their behalf.  

It is quite alarming to read so many articles where LiPs have been on the receiving end of unfair advantage being taken by Lawyers, and we are here to advise on an ad hoc basis whenever needed and at whatever stage you are in litigation.

The Civil Procedure Rules and various Tribunal Rules are a minefield and easily misunderstood unless you work with these day and day out.  We can provide guidance on the Rules interpretations.  We are able to provide guidance on various case management directions which arise in every case in the Courts and Tribunals.

Did you know you can claim an hourly rate of £19.00 for all the time that you have spent in dealing with your own claim?  You may be able to claim more if you are able to provide evidence of your financial losses for dealing with your case, in addition to your actual damages/compensation claim. The rule which allows recovery of legal costs for Litigants-in-Person is Rule 46.5 set out in the Civil Procedure Rules here.

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