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Court & Tribunal Advocacy

Our Advocacy in Courts & Tribunals covers preliminary, application, case management and review hearings, injunction proceedings, setting aside judgment, summary and default judgment (non-compliance), relief from sanctions, strike out, and costs hearings; Coroner's Court Reviews and Inquests; Court and Tribunal trials.   

Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals have  specific Rules set down by statute here.


Whilst strictly speaking Tribunals are not a Court of Law, they can be less formal, however, they consider legal argume decisionss based on the law and statute.  

Tribunals make awards, recommendations and also can penalise any party for non compliance with their Rules.  However they do not have any enforcement powers which have to be gained through the Civil Courts see here.

We offer full service commencing Tribunal claims, conducting proceedings, trial preparations and representation at all hearings and final trial.  The types of claims we deal with are here.

County & High Court

County & High Courts deal with all civil claims which are disputes between individuals and businesses of all sizes.  The types of claims we deal with are here


We have expertise in civil claims brought in County & High Court.  Civil Proceedings (whether for damages or for a specified sum) may only be started in the High Court if the value of the claim is more than £100,000.  Proceedings which include a claim for damages in respect of personal injuries may only be started in the High Court if the value of the claim is £50,000 or more 

There are fees to be paid to start a claim, and for various applications to be able to go tor trial there is also a fee paid by the Claimant. Click here for details.


All cases have to comply with the Court Rules, failure to do so results in the Court issuing sanctions to strike out a case, and/or face hefty court costs orders.   Find out more about Civil Procedure Rules here.

Magistrates' Court

Magistrates' Courts as well as dealing with criminal cases also decide on civil matters.  We deal with the following:

  • Minor Motoring offences here

  • Alcohol licensing here.

  • Appealing community protection notices here.

  • Council tax demand enforcement here.

  • The forfeiture of excise goods here.

  • Statutory noise abatement notice here


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