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About our Managing Director


Patricia has extensive experience in conducting civil and employment cases and advocacy in Courts & Tribunals covering preliminary and application hearings, setting aside judgment, summary judgment, strike out, costs and case management conferences and full trials.   She is known for her frank and straight talking to her clients and opponents, by simply saying it as it is, whilst applying both the law and facts to the case at hand.   She is an accomplished Advocate adopting her own unique style to succeed in what it is her clients instruct her to achieve.   She has been commended for her challenging legal arguments when presenting cases and appearing before Judges.  She takes no nonsense from her opponents, and not only is she extremely knowledgeable on the law and procedure she has in her armour her strong Yorkshire grass roots accent, coming from a working class background and achieving her legal qualifications through a non traditional route.

Current civil caseload includes high level debt recovery, breach of contract, commercial litigation, land disputes, breach of duty occupiers liability, repossessions and professional negligence.
Current cases in Employment Tribunal covers a variety of disputes including unfair/constructive dismissal, discrimination (race, sex and disability), unlawful deductions from wages and recently settled a redundancy claim.

Patricia has appeared in various Courts across England & Wales including Central London Courts, Manchester, Leeds, Doncaster, Hull, Leicester, York, Scarborough, Harrogate, Bradford; and has appeared in the majority of Employment Tribunals including: Central London, Watford, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Patricia has a track record of settling cases quickly through her persuasive negotiation skills, and no nonsense approach to dealing with opponents.   She also represents parties in mediation undertaking preparation works and advising through the process to ensure her clients get the best outcome possible without having to appear in Court or Tribunal.