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About Us

Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd, based in York, UK, offers expert legal services nationally and internationally in Civil, Commercial & Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution. With a client-focused approach, we provide tailored solutions with integrity and transparency.

Patricia White Lawyers & Advocates Ltd (trading name PW-LA) specialise in Civil, Commercial & Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution. We provide a one stop solution for all of your legal needs in litigation and dispute resolution, whether you are a Litigant in Person or require full service conduct of litigation and Court or Tribunal representation.


PW-LA are seeing a growing demand of enquiries from Litigants In Person.  We offer bespoke packages for assisting from document drafting to representation at hearings.  We offer Litigants in Person Unbundling services.  Unbundling is defined as being tasks that make up a service being divided between us and Litigants in Person.  Litigants in  Person would usually carry out the less complex areas of case preparation themselves, and we would assist on an ad hoc basis with more complex preparations and advice on procedure.

We offer Fixed Fees and Damage Based Agreement (Contingency fees) funding.  Further explanation can be found here

We advise on the Law and apply this to your circumstances.  We are authorised by Law to conduct Litigation and Advocacy, and are qualified Lawyers & Advocates.  We appear on behalf of our clients in Courts & Tribunals, where and when required in person and remotely by video or telephone.

We are a fully operating digital law firm.  We offer face to face meetings for local clients at our offices; provide home visits for clients with mobility issues and also speak to our clients via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and telephone.  We are a modern firm who embraces technology and the flexibility to communicate with our clients at a time that suits them, anytime and from anywhere.  We can be contacted through text message, WhatsApp or via email and telephone outside of hours.  We know that the busy life we all lead means that 9 - 5, Monday to Friday, does not work for the majority of our clients.  We are not a 9 - 5 legal service, we go beyond and outside of normal office hours.

We are independent practitioners and are fully regulated delivering the best of both worlds in Litigation, Advocacy and Dispute Resolution legal services.  We conduct a case from beginning to end offering greater benefits to our clients than a traditional law firm because your case stays with us from day one until end of trial.  

Patricia White
Reviewing Legal Agreement

We are straight talking Lawyers and Advocates, simply saying it as it is.  You can be assured that you will be advised on what can and cannot be achieved through the administration of the Law and within the Court and Tribunal procedures.


Our civil caseload includes high level debt recovery, breach of contract, commercial litigation, land and consumer disputes, breach of duty occupiers liability, repossessions, boundary disputes, family and probate disputes and professional negligence/liability. We act for claimants and defendants.

In Employment Tribunals we are covering a variety of disputes including unfair/constructive dismissal, discrimination (race, sex, age, disability, pregnancy and maternity), Whistleblowing, unlawful deductions from wages and redundancy. We advise on all manner of employment disputes for both employer and employees.

About our Managing Director

Patricia White is the founder of PW-LA and sole Company Director.  Patricia has specialised in Litigation and Dispute Resolution for 20 years. Patricia is a Commissioner for Oaths. She is  fully qualified and authorised to conduct litigation and advocacy under the Legal Services Act 2007.  She appears in various Courts and Employment Tribunals across England & Wales including Central and Outer London Courts, Bristol, Watford, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Doncaster, Hull, Leicester, York, Scarborough, Harrogate, and Bradford.  Patricia is a Member of the Employment Lawyers Association.  Also a Member of the Lawyers Group for the Charity INQUEST who provide support, assistance and representation at Inquests for bereaved families.

Patricia has a track record of settling cases quickly through her persuasive negotiation skills, and no nonsense approach to dealing with opponents.   She also represents parties in mediation undertaking preparation works and advising through the process to ensure her clients get the best outcome possible without having to appear in Court or Tribunal.  

Patricia's interests outside of the legal profession includes swimming, cycling, spending time and enjoying activities with her son and four grandsons.  Patricia's creative activities includes video and photography production, and she set up her first business with her husband in 1993.  Patricia has been acknowledged for her contribution to Pro Bono work by receiving an award for her services in 2013.  Patricia currently serves as a Non-Executive Director of CILEx Regulation Ltd who are one of the three main regulators for legal professionals.

Indemnity Insurance cover

PW-LA are covered by Indemnity Insurance Policy P123AXS1008 for up to £2million.  Any claims or circumstances to be given by Notice to Hera Indemnity Limited, 70 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR.  Notice to Hera Indemnity limited is deemed notice to our Insurers Axis Speciality Europe SE whose address is 52 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7AF.    We are required to provide a complaints procedure which can be found here.

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Our Service Commitment

What can you expect we will do for you through the stages of Litigation?

NB. Not all stages below will be relevant to your case and are generalised for the life of a typical civil litigation case through the court system. Tribunal cases follow similar stages. If you have a specific question do not hesitate to send us an enquiry without any obligation.

  • FREE Initial Consultation (up to 30 minutes) - this includes initially talking through your case with you and if your enquiry is by email we will consider your case summary and documents that you provide.

  • Retainer - We will set up our first meeting/telephone or Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp conference to consider your circumstances in detail with you.  We are transparent on discussing our fees with you and will enquire about your ability to pay to explore fee charges and any options available for funding your case.  We will then send you our client care letter which will set out all matters discussed with you including the basis of our fees, anticipated court and other fees and any funding agreement. 

  • Initial review of papers follows completion of our due diligence and client terms being signed by you.  We will then arrange meeting[s] with witnesses and advise on merits, value of claim, costs and tactics.

  • Draft pre-action protocol letter of claim or response where applicable.

  • Drafting or consideration of any further documents, evidence and correspondence between parties and advising you on merits of the case.

  • Pre-action and post issue settlement negotiations preparation and settlement offers, including advising and reporting to you on outcomes of any discussions.

  • Consideration of type of dispute resolution method e.g. mediation/arbitration and/or forum and/or jurisdictional issues; advise you on appropriate options and implications of failing to engage.

  • Steps to achieve different dispute resolution method/forum/jurisdictional challenge or response to other party’s steps

  • Draft proceedings (statement of claim) or defence to claim and also provide you with full advice.

  • Finalising statement of claim/defence working with you through various drafts.

  • At this stage you will be required to pay Court fees for issuing any claim (including if you are defending a claim and counterclaiming in Court)

  • We will then service the claim or defence (it is usually the Court who serve the claim and defence, however, self service can be an option, ( a copy of the defence should in any event be served).

  • Review defence [and counterclaim] or response to defence and discuss this with you and advise on action required and tactics.

  • Draft reply to defence and/or Part 18 request for further information (if appropriate)

  • Preparation of costs budget for court (if appropriate)

  • Consider and prepare for summary judgment application or response to summary judgment application, including advice; reporting to you and drafting of application or defence (which ever is appropriate)

  • Consider and make settlement offers or respond to offers, including advising you and reporting to you.

  • Consider need for expert advice and/or evidence, select appropriate expert, draft initial instructions; advise and report to you.

  • Consider mediation, advise you, correspond and discuss with other side about it

  • Review and Consider costs and other side's costs budget

  • Complete Directions Questionnaire (if appropriate) 

  • Prepare for and attend first Case Management Conference including liaison with other party and court before CMC, reporting and advising you on process and outcomes

  • Own Disclosure – review of your documents, advising you, preparation of disclosure report, preparation of list of documents and service on other party

  • Other party’s disclosure – review report, list and documents, consider and make request for further documents and if necessary application for specific disclosure including reporting to you and advising you.

  • Respond to request for further disclosure from other side/application for specific disclosure including reporting to you and advising you.

  • Conference with you (either in person or Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp) to review and regroup on the conduct of your case

  • Mediation preparation (if appropriate), attending you, for preparations of reports and advising you.


  • Amendment to statement of case/supplying further information or consideration of other party’s amendments/further information including reporting to you and advising you.

  • Taking witness proof of evidence, drafting witness statements and liaison with witnesses to finalise statements ready for exchange with other side.

  • Exchange of witness statements and review of other party’s statements including reporting to you and advising you on strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the case.

  • Considering request for further information/further disclosure/notice to admit/judgment on admission regarding other side’s witness statements

  • Preparation of supplemental witness statements (if appropriate)

  • Review of merits and advising you, including preparation for and attendance at conference with you face to face or via Zoom.

  • Making of and consideration of settlement offers and/or other settlement steps including reporting to you on any ongoing discussions and advising you on settlement

  • Discussion with expert[s] about expert meetings/draft report[s] and review of draft expert report[s]. Reporting and advising you and further liaison with expert[s]

  • Finalising expert report[s] (if appropriate) and exchange with other party

  • Review of other party’s expert report (if appropriate); reporting and advising you on drafting list of questions on report (if appropriate)

  • Further review of expert evidence with you and advising you.

  • Further review of merits, reporting to you and advising you.


  • More settlement work (if appropriate), reporting to you and advising you.

  • Pre-trial advice to you including preparation 

  • Preparation for and attendance at Pre-Trial Review

  • Completing, issuing and serving witness summonses (if appropriate)

  • Preparation of draft trial bundle and sending to other party [or review of claimant’s draft trial bundle and providing comments to claimant]

  • Other trial preparation including meeting with you face to face to advise you on court and tribunal procedure at trial and what to expect

  • Attend trial  and put your case to the Judge or Panel

  • Work after trial by advising you on outcomes and any potential appeals process if appropriate

  • Costs and Judgment recovery work assuming victory at trial and any detailed assessment necessary

  • Advising on methods of any enforcement action required 

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